Sustainability and Use Cases
$MIVRS Moonsheet
$MIVRS Token will be deflationary: 30% of all tokens bought by Players in-game will be buredn, 15% goes to DAO Treasury, 15% to Team's Treasury and 40% goes back to the game as rewards.
All $MIVRS tokens that will be used by players will be distributed as: 30% burned 15% treasury managed by DAO 15% treasury team 40% goes back to the game as PvP/tournament prizes
In the beginning, all in-game items will be denominated in MIVRS. As the game gains more users and token value increases, we will use USD as the pricing peg to keep the entry barrier low. Basically, the rate of winnings will be determined by USD not fixed in MIVRS.
MIVRS can be used in-game for:
  • Used in all three Minionverse games
  • Purchase NFTs: heroes and minions
  • Stake to get free NFTs
  • Acquire heroes and minions NFTs
  • Buy gold and gems to upgrade heroes and minions' capabilities
  • Spend on Tower Upgrades
  • Get tickets to Tournaments, Seasons, Rankings
More use cases will be added to the list as we slowly release more games!
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