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Player vs Player

Player versus player, or PvP, is the interaction of multiple players within the game environment that competes players directly against other players in order to defeat or kill each other in a bid to be victorious.
PvP isn’t for everyone and is intended as a way for players to challenge their own abilities and skills directly against others from around the world. If you’re competitive, like stats and leaderboards, or want to prove you’re the best in the world, then PvP is for you.
Minionverse focuses on multiplayer matches. Players are also provided with options of playing with others, creating clans, or joining existing ones, which will let them earn a fortune faster.
In Minionverse, each confrontation has a limited time to achieve victory, and the movement is horizontal. There are different missions, such as ending a rival settlement or ending the enemy general. Good deck management and the summoning times and having adequate defensive elements to repel attacks are key to obtaining victories.
The PVP Battle differs from the other types of battle by:
  • Presence of a guardian at the end of the base who attacks assaulting units, he can move out of his lair and actively defend himself should they get close too close.
  • The goal of the PVP Battle is to defeat the guardian. When he dies it means full victory for the attacker and it enables him to steal a crate from the defender. This gains the attacker a maximum amount of crowns available during one battle.
  • Enemy automatically spawn units from his defense deck, they move towards the attackers hero and attack him and his troops. If there are any spells in the defense deck they are also automatically cast.
  • The defenses which a defender has set up in the building mode are visible and aiming to repel the attacker and his troops taking advantage of their defensive properties described below.

Player vs Environment

Player versus Environment, or PvE, is a common term in Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) to refer to gameplay in which players fight against computer-controlled creatures rather than other online players. The enemy to beat, in this case, is the artificial intelligence that regulates creatures or NPCs. Leaving aside the obviousness that single-player games can be considered PvE, this definition takes on importance in multiplayer experiences that encourage cooperation between multiple players.
Minionverse players are able to attack or raid bases of players who may be offline. In this scenario, the minions guarding the bases will automatically attempt to defend the base and treasure within.
  • The awards for completing the campaign are one-off
  • The campaign can be completed with one to three stars
  • The five campaign missions consist of one region that ends the boss battle
  • The level selection is by clicking on the red button marked with a unique level digit
  • The levels are forty
  • To be able to fight the boss, the player has to collect stars.
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