Game Design

Description of the Cards

The details shown on a single card consists of:

  • The number of mana that is needed to summon it to the battlefield.
  • The blue circle with a number in the upper left corner pertains to the number of cards of a given type
  • The bar under the graphics with the degree of filling depending on the number of missing cards to full,
  • Crystals at the bottom of the cards determine the level of the card. At a maximum, a card can have 8 crystals,
  • On the upper right corner of the card, an icon will appear if player uses it in the attack deck.

Card details Details screen consists of:

  • Evolve Button - On the button, there is shown how much the evolution gold costs. Each evolution gives the player the amount of experience points shown next to the evolve button. If they player doesn’t own enough points to evolve a card, it is greyed out and tapping it displays a “Not enough experience” message.
  • Change button
○ If it was tapped from the deck tab tapping it returns the player to the collection screen allowing the player to choose a card to replace the one they were inspecting.
○ If it was tapped from one of the collection tabs it shows the attack deck tab asking the player which cards do they want to replace with the card they were inspecting. If the card is already in the attack deck it is greyed out and tapping it displays a “Card is already in your deck.” message. Cards from the defense deck can’t be changed this way.
  • Compare button - If the details window is not opened from one of the collection tabs it doesn’t appear. Otherwise, there is a "compare cards" button on the right. Tapping it returns the player to the collection screen. The player then needs to tap a card that they would like to be compared with one from which they tapped the compare button. That shows the compare screen which differs from detail screen by the following:
○ Compared card is shown outside the detail window on the right as if it was inspected.
○ Cards details show both cards' statistics on the opposite sides of the detail icons.
○ Cards skills show both cards' skills on the opposite sides of the window along with their icons.


Defense takes place automatically, the defending player can only see the replay of the attack. Defending player has an influence on the distribution of buildings of his base and choosing a defensive deck. The replay can be seen in the menu "Battle!" Is marked with a book on the blue background on the right in the middle.

Types of buildings

Building cards in the upper left corner have a type that identifies them. These symbols are six, respectively:
  • Wall - it is used to slow down the enemy, the attacking units must destroy the wall if it stands in their way,
  • Trap - Turns on when the player's unit is within range and causes its effect, e.g. an explosion,
  • Portal - Used to summon additional units to the battlefield while defending the base,
  • A shot building marked with a fireball - A building shot affects a specific area (Area of Effect),
  • Building marked with an arrow - A medium-range building with an average attack speed that attacks one target at a time,
  • Building marked with a sight - A long-range building with a low attack speed that attacks one target at a time.


The main menu of the clan:

  • In the menu we have a clan search engine, we can search by entering its name,
  • When searching for and setting up a clan, we can choose its locations,
  • Determining the minimum requirements of trophies to join the clan using the arrows.
  • The value always increases by 100 to a maximum of 10,000,
  • Ability to search only clans with open recruitment,
  • A search button that introduces changes to the search options,
  • When you search for a clan, you can see the personal amount of trophies,
  • Shown the number of trophies owned by the clan and clan ranking,
  • From the main menu, we can set up our own clan or join an existing one.

Create Clan:

  • When setting up a clan, you can choose an avatar, which consists of Frame, Icon, Background.
  • We can choose the location of our clan from the pull-out list,
  • Text frame - description of the clan, is required to set up,
  • You can set the arrows with the minimum number of trophies required to join the clan, from 0 to 10000,
  • We choose the type of joining the clan: Closed, Open, Only invited.
  • You must pay 1000 to create a clan.

Own Clan

  • Button with the possibility of editing the settings that were chosen when setting up a clan,
  • Button with the ability to check sent requests to join the clan,
  • The button with the possibility of removing the clan, after pressing it, you have to confirm the decision in a separate window,
  • List of clan members with their rank in the hierarchy, the number of trophies they have, cards donated and cards received character level and activity information,
  • At the main window, there is also a clan code,
  • At the bottom right corner, there is a button "Clan tasks".

Clan Taks

  • Clan tasks are reset on Sunday at midnight,
  • Players who do not have to do anything
  • There are three tasks every week,
  • Each task is double, personal and clan,
  • After completing the clan's task, he deals with his own classes,
  • We have seven days to complete tasks,
  • There is a prize in the form of a player's chest for completing all personal tasks,
  • For completing one-man tasks,
  • Players collectively complete clan tasks.
  • The personal reward is better in size than the number of clan trophies
  • The leader can remove the guilds and throw away members,
  • The leader may appoint officer rankings:
    • New Leader
    • Co-leader
    • Elder
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