What is Minionverse?
"Greedy, Sneaky, Lazy: Unapologetically Fun!"
Grab your favorite hero, summon hordes of minions from your best card deck, and steal treasure chests from other players! Defend your base with vicious traps, turrets, and the help of your own guardian dragon!
Minionverse is a metaverse of Free-to-Play games powered by NFT Gaming. It introduces an entirely new genre to the Web 3 space: free-to-mint gaming, developed by Fuero Games, in partnership with Ulti Arena. There will be three games:
  • Minionverse
  • Winions Brawler Arena
  • Battle of the Beasts
Operating with the $MIVRS token, the entirety of Minionverse will run in the Binance Smart Chain and the games will be available on Android, iOS, and PC. One token. All three games.
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